• Why Choose Medicare Supplement Plan N

    Medical insurance companies have started to release more cost-friendly alternatives to suit the needs of senior citizens in the past few years. However, many have decided to opt for the Medicare Supplement Plan N for many reasons. Especially since it is a great alternative to the Medicare Advantage plan and costs considerably less.

    Since the Medicare Supplement Plan N was introduced in June 10, 2010, it has become a popular choice for senior citizens. This plan was released under the MIPPA or Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers. Since the premiums are about 40% lesser than the once popular Medigap Plan F, it is no wonder why more senior citizens are clamoring for it.

    Reasons Why Medicare Supplement Plan N is So Popular

    Medigap Plan NThere are so many reasons why this plan is in demand. Since it involves co-pays and cost sharing, a person enrolled in the Medicare Supplement Plan B can expect big savings with regard to premiums. With the Part B Deductible, the most a client will have to pay is $20 for an office visit and $50 if he or she is taken to the emergency room, providing that the provider accepts Medicare, of course. Medicare Supplement Plan N covers

    The Medicare Supplement Plan N offers services that the original Medicare plan did not offer. Your first 3 pints of blood and hospitalization co-insurance is covered by this plan. It offers the Hospice Benefit along with 100% Part B Coinsurance. You can also expect to receive 100% Part A Deductible, Foreign Travel Emergency Insurance and Skilled Nursing Facility Insurance.

    The best part about this supplemental plan is that some carriers like Mutual of Omaha, allows people to enroll in this plan without having to answer normal health questions if they are merely replacing the coverage they currently have. Therefore, a client can enroll for this plan even if he or she has any prior health concerns even if it is out of their open enrollment period.

    Medicare Supplement Plan N Does Not Cover

    Interested clients must keep in mind that the Medicare Supplement Plan N does not cover a client’s Part B Deductible of $162. However, all the other approved services are paid for under this plan. This includes laboratory work, MRI’s, CAT scans, diagnostic procedures, therapy (Occupational or Speech and Language) and other services approved by this plan. A client will receive co-insurance payment of up to 100% of the Medicare approved cost of service.

    The reason that many decide to enroll in the Medicare Supplement Plan N is that they can choose any doctor for their concerns. As long as the physician accepts and is approved by the Medicare providers, you can push through without any additional concerns. This is why more senior citizens have decided to enroll in this plan.

    Medical insurance can be pocket-friendly. With the state of the present economy, it is important to invest in a plan that can provide you with the best medical coverage at a price that is affordable. If you have any other questions regarding the Medicare Supplement Plan N, do not hesitate to contact a customer service representative to find out why this plan is the best choice for you.